Special Offer on Bright Data | Multilogin

We’re offering a special deal exclusively for joint Multilogin and Bright Data customers. Check out how we can help your business below:

How does the offer work?

You purchase the right plan for your business with Multilogin and with Bright Data. Multilogin will match your purchase with credit on your account up to €250 and Bright Data will do likewise up to $250. 

In other words, if you spend €250 on Multilogin, you’ll get another €250 in your Multilogin account – and if you spend $250 on Bright Data, you’ll get another $250 in your Bright Data account.

How do I claim the offer?

To claim, simply fill in your email below and follow the instructions that appear.

Enter your email

Follow the instructions:

Step 1.

Click this link that has been generated and register with the same email as above in Bright Data

Step 2.

Choose the right Bright Data proxy product for your business.

When reaching a Bright Data sales representative, mention coupon code MLA2022 to get matched credit up to $250 on your account.

Step 3.

Purchase your plan with Multilogin and send your Bright Data registration email to our customer support.


You can send your registration email using our contact form or email directly to support@multiloginapp.com.

After verification of your Bright Data  and Multilogin service subscriptions, we will credit the amount matched to your Multilogin spend to your Multilogin account.